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Leading the way in Clean Coal Technology in Pakistan

TharPak is a Group of leading multinational companies and educational institutions that have deep rooted experience in coal mining and clean coal technologies. The Group has extensively analyzed publicly available data collected and studies conducted, on the Thar coal resource. Based on that analysis, the Group has developed a strategy that will methodically alter the course of accessing and exploiting the Thar coal deposit. The Group believes that its strategy, grounded on sound coal mine engineering concepts and coupled with its unique commercially proven Clean Coal technologies, will allow development of Thar at a very large scale. The scale of mining helps determine the per ton cost of the coal. The larger the coal mining output, the lower the per ton cost. This in turn, brings down cost of the electricity and other products, thereby generating affordable energy for Pakistan.

  • TharPak LLC

    Integrated Clean Coal Energy Complex
    TharPak, LLC has been established for the sole purpose of organizing, promoting and implementing the Group’s stated objective of building an Integrated Clean Coal Energy Complex at Thar. Mr. Usman Aminuddin, former federal minister of Petroleum is an adviser to TharPak, LLC and Mr. Tasvir Husain is country director in Pakistan.
  • Ausenco

    Engineering & Consulting
    Ausenco began in Brisbane, Australia, in 1991, with a small team of talented engineers offering innovative solutions to the mining industry.

    Listed on the Australian stock exchange in 2006, we now draw on the talents of around 2800 employees in 29 offices around the globe.

    Our professionals work on some of the world’s most remote and exciting projects, and we’re strategically positioned to capitalize on the expanding opportunities in global markets. At Ausenco, we provide innovative, pit-to-port solutions in coal. With services in every phase of the project life-cycle, from pre-feasibility through design, operation and closure, we are poised to add value every step of the way.

    Our global knowledge of the coal industry, combined with strength and expertise in minerals processing, environment and sustainability, tailings and mine waste management, program management and infrastructure, uniquely positions us to deliver efficient end-to-end solutions. These have been proven to lower capital and operating costs, reduce construction time and improve plant efficiencies.
  • Headwaters CTL, LLC

    Leading provider of Coal To Liquids
    Headwaters is a Utah-based world leading provider of Coal To Liquids (CTL) technology (direct route) and is involved in the planning and management of carbon sequestration related to power and CTL projects. The commercially proven CTL technology of Headwaters will enable Thar lignite to be converted to low sulfur and less polluting liquid fuels saving Pakistan valuable foreign exchange.
  • KBR

    Transport Integrated Gasification
    KBR along with the Southern Company and with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy, have developed Transport Integrated Gasification (TRIG™), an advanced and innovative gasification technology that is ideally suited to unlock the potential of low-rank coals such as Thar lignite as a major source of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) for the Pakistan market on an affordable basis. By converting Thar lignite to SNG using TRIG™ coupled with carbon capture, the carbon emissions from the use of the coal could match that of natural gas.

    * KBR is providing engineering support services for TRIG based development activities only
  • Advanced Resources International

    Research & Consulting
    Advanced Resources International (ARI) is a globally recognized research and consulting firm providing services related to unconventional gas (coal-bed methane - CBM, gas shales, tight sands), enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and carbon sequestration (CO2 sequestration).
  • Algenol

    Industrial Biotechnology
    Algenol is a global, industrial biotechnology company that is commercializing its patented algae technology platform for production of ethanol and other biofuels.

    Our patented DIRECT TO ETHANOL® technology enables the production of ethanol for around $1.00 per gallon using sunlight, carbon dioxide and saltwater at production levels above 9,000 gallons of ethanol per acre per year.

    Algenol’s new commercial target is to exceed 10,000 gallons of ethanol per acre per year. The low production costs are achievable because DIRECT TO ETHANOL® technology produces high yields and relies on our patented photobioreactors and proprietary downstream techniques for the low-cost recovery and purification of ethanol. These novel, low-cost techniques have the added benefit of consuming carbon dioxide from industrial sources, not using farmland or food crops and being able to provide freshwater. One tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) is converted into 160 gallons of ethanol, and 2 gallons of fresh water are produced for each gallon of ethanol in the DIRECT TO ETHANOL® process.
  • Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research

    Located on the campus of Virginia Tech, VCCER conducts research in the areas of energy statistics and modeling, socio-economic effects of energy and coal development, environmental impacts of coal and energy, sustainable development of energy and mineral resources, carbon management and sequestration, optimization of mining systems, energy efficiency studies, coal bed methane extraction and utilization, energy infrastructure studies and innovative training programs using virtual reality.
  • National Research Center for Coal & Energy

    Located on the campus of West Virginia University, The National Research Center for Coal & Energy is a research center and information clearinghouse dedicated to securing our nation's energy needs, protecting our environment and promoting our economic development.
  • FreightCar America

    FreightCar America and its predecessor companies have been at it for 107 years!

    FreightCar America has again raised the industry standard in coal car innovation. Now trains of FreightCar America's hybrid BethGon coal cars equipped with ECP brakes are serving the unique requirements for moving eastern coal with unparalleled efficiency.

    FreightCar America will continue to serve the coal car market with coal cars being our flagship product. The long-term demand for coal as the primary fuel source for electricity generation remains strong, and we expect coal will continue to provide roughly half of the fuel used for electricity generation in the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

In Memory Of

Steven Carpenter

Steve Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter was an internationally recognized subject matter expert, expert witness, and transdisciplinary practitioner, focusing on the merging of the physical sciences with the social sciences.

Dr. Carpenter had 30+ years of experience in the energy industry A key supporter of CCUS and essential in the formation of DigiKerma.




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