Best Practices
TharPak members are committed to a best practices development approach.

TharPak members are committed to a best practices development approach

The TharPak Group members are committed to bring to the TharPak Clean Coal Energy Complex world class management and best practices approach. Additionally, the members are sensitive to the needs of the sparse but vital local population of the Thar region. It is intended to keep the TharPak initiative transparent and accessible to all stakeholders.

TharPak has academic research support

The Group members have enlisted active participation from two of the most well regarded academic institutions in the world when it comes to mining education, technology and research; Virginia Tech and West Virginia University. It is expected these institutions will help guide the consortium during the assessment phase when devising remediation of the vast water contained beneath the sands of Thar and between the coal seams. The universities will also play a vital role in helping establish Pakistani centers of excellence for mining and research along with training for technicians and other vocational needs to ensure that safety of workers is paramount.

Our goal is to be net water positive

Management of water resources is a matter of importance for any project in Thar. Proprietary technologies deployed by TharPak will allow for production and purification from the water aquifers trapped between the coal seams as well as from the production of algae based ethanol. It is our goal to be net water positive when the Energy Complex is fully built out.

TharPak is committed to providing local infrastructure for the people of Thar

The Group recognizes that the people of Sindh will play a vital ongoing role on the success of the Energy Complex and all necessary steps will be taken to ensure their full participation. Part of that success will be dependent on providing the Energy Complex with health care, schools for children of workers, mosques and many other infrastructure needs. The Energy Complex will also attract various industries to consider locating nearby and working with local authorities, TharPak will seek to ensure that all these initiatives follow similar best practices including a strong commitment to environmental sensitivity.

In Memory Of

Steven Carpenter

Steve Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter was an internationally recognized subject matter expert, expert witness, and transdisciplinary practitioner, focusing on the merging of the physical sciences with the social sciences.

Dr. Carpenter had 30+ years of experience in the energy industry A key supporter of CCUS and essential in the formation of DigiKerma.




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